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David Gottstein

Economist and author David Gottstein bridges the political divide with bold, innovative solutions to America’s most pressing issues—solutions that provide common ground between the right and left.


Economist and political activist David Gottstein has just released a new non-fiction book. A More Perfect Union: Unifying Ideas for a Divided America—published by Trusted Publishing, LLC—chronicles one man’s political journey to find an America that works for all, and is THE essential guide for a polarized country. 

President-elect Joe Biden has a “difficult road ahead.” That is the conventional wisdom on the beltway, so perhaps it’s time for some unconventional wisdom from the heartland, or from America’s Last Frontier.

In A More Perfect Union—Unifying Ideas for a Divided America, author David Gottstein has identified the most pressing issues that Americans must address to prosper at home and abroad. More importantly, he offers commonsense solutions that will unite Americans regardless of their politics. Imagine solutions that provide enough water and energy for generations, leaving a cleaner planet in return. Imagine a way to end unemployment and welfare as we know it. Gottstein shares a vision of America where success is based on how hard you work and not where you were born.

This is a rare, must-read book for policy wonks, written for the common man. Gottstein takes complex issues and makes them understandable for anyone who is looking to be inspired by an America that can be.